Bindy's Verses

kids' (of all ages) limericks

Sir Cassie the Cross Eyed Cat, with magenta crossed eyes.


You’ve heard of “The Cat in the Hat”?

(If you haven’t, drop this and read THAT!)

Well, the cat of this verse

Isn’t better or worse…

But he’s different—so I’ll explain that.

His left eye is sparkling and bright

But can only see things on the right.

His right eye is deft

At seeing things left

So his eyes cross a path day and night.

Our cross-eyed cat’s name was Miss Cassie

But he was a lad, not a lassie.

It made not a whit

Of difference—it

Just made him seem silly and sassy.

We thought her a girl when we got her

(A gift to our young son and daughter)

And her name wasn’t “Sir”

‘Cause we thought him a her

The man told us that when we bought her.

But quite soon we would realize that

Our cross-eyed  cat wasn’t just that—

Oh, my! She’s a he!

Just look at him—-see?

Miss Cassie’s a “sir” of a cat!

It’s a little bit weird and yet tender

To discover a pet’s a new gender!

We had known the eyes crossed

But the sex had been lost!

And that makes a great limerick ender!


A farmer named Piddley-Puddle

Got all of his ducks in a muddle

Instead of “quack quack”

They said “stop and go back!”

And forgot even how to they should waddle!

You’ve heard of old Lickety Split?

When young he could run quite a bit

But as he got old

So the story is told…..

His legs just got up and they git!



 (not a limerick)

(and not for the littlest ones)

Dinosaurs’ food was complicated!

Learning what one liked and ate, it

Seems an herbivore still traded

What we’d think was veggie plated.

Fish and bugs capitulated

To their appetite to sate it.

My info may be long out-dated

You’d better check to regulate it!



There’s a time and a place for that phone

(Did I just now hear all of you groan?)

If you go out to eat

With your parents—a treat!

Please, please PLEASE leave that gadget alone!

What, you say, YOUR parents use it?

Oh dear, let’s hope THEY don’t confuse it

With real conversation !

Misplaced concentration

Is what happens when folks tend to choose it.

A dinner out SHOULD be a treat!

Where you talk as a group when you meet

I say, please don’t let’s risk

Family time, tsk tsk tsk!

Won’t you try it the next time you eat?


That booger belongs in a tissue!

And not anywhere near where I kiss you

No, it isn’t like sugar

Please get rid of that booger!

Or someone is likely to squish you! 


Your body goes down from the top—

You can tell me when I ought to stop!

The head holds your brain

(Like: get out of the rain!)

And your hair’s what a barber will chop!

Your eyes, nose and mouth fill your face.

Keep that clean or go down in disgrace!

Below those are your chin

Above your chin is your grin!

And your neck holds them all in their place.

Way down at the bottom are toes, ’n’

If it really gets cold, they get frozen!

They are part of your feet—

And can beat a retreat

If you’re chased by a bear—-just supposin’!