Bindy's Verses

grown up limericks

     I subscribe to a fun and informative website called “A Word A Day” and submit a limerick for each of the (mostly very obscure) words they suggest. They do give meanings, parts of speech, examples, etc, but trust me, the words are challenging!  Sometimes my lims  appear on  their end-of-the-week list of “chosen”ones; these next  three examples were, one each, chosen for the following words: 


That election was quite a humdinger!

Joe, my neighbor, became a right-winger.

So now when we meet

I just beat a retreat

Or else wave with a nice middle finger


Of course there’s a huge ballyhoo

To impeach Donald Trump -- wouldn’t you?

This prez is a guy

Who would spit in the eye

Of an immigrant toddler with flu!


They may call you a dreadful old hoarder

If you never throw out what you order,

And the rooms of your dwelling

Are buckling and smelling --

Let’s say you’re a saving ripsnorter!


People say I have energy, but

You should see me when I’m in a rut!

I’m logy…lethargic

My only cathartic

Bet you’ve already guessed, it is—-what?

A cup of good strong black caffeine

And I’m instantly UP, well I mean

I’m an energy ball

I can run down the hall

I’ve the get up and go of a teen!

Oh, I forgot to reveal: I’m no chicken!

It’s amazing I’m lively and kickin’!

With coffee I’m twenty

(Decaf: dolce far niente*)

Without coffee I’d be panic stricken!

*Dolce far niente: pleasant idlenesss


A pair of most feminine eels

Were dying to try out high heels

But their teeters and totters

Made their dad sigh, “Oh, daughters,

Who would think I could raise

such shlemiels!”



The other day, in aerobic dance

I accidentally split my pants

They were old, they were thrift

Very cheap—like a gift—

Still—a most unwelcome new circumstance!

You’re prob’ly too young to recall

World War 2 (well now, aren’t we all?)

But they had a wise saying

That I keep “replaying”

And I’ll share it now, once and for all:

“Use it up, wear it out

Make it do—-do without”

That was the war’s wide assumption—

Nowadays it’s — conspicuous consumption!

So…I use it up, wear it out

Make it do, or do without

Regardless of peoples’ assumption!

But I have to admit, don’tcha see,

These split pants showed the world just a knee!

If it had been my keister

I might have been triste-er

So be sure to congratulate me!  


I always wrote “pomes” as a kid—-

It’s just about all that I did!

I filled empty times

With limericks and rhymes

Math? Geography? Heaven forbid!

And now that I’m grown and degreed, umm…

I see no evidence that kids need’em

But what really is worse is

When I write all these verses

I find grownups who can’t even read’em!


“There was a young lady from——-“ get it?

Just read it aloud; once you’ve said it,

The next lines? Piece of cake!

You can’t make a mistake——

Well,hallelujah, you’ve read it!


A lovely old fashioned word: fetching

Its meaning allows for such stretching!

As in "to fetch and carry"

Or: you're so fetching, let's marry!"

But (if you're angry) you just might be kvetching!



Odd word, don’t you think, is meander?

Look closer—-yeah, take a good gander!

Instead of an object

It should start with a subject

Or perpetrate grammatical slander!

So “meander” should thus be “I-ander”

If we, to the literate, pander

“Me” don’t go to the show

We don’t say, “Yes, me know”

In all frank and confessional candor.

Hmmmm, that makes we wonder anew….

And perhaps it has crossed your mind too

If you think of a word

That’s grammatically absurd…..

I’d love to hear about it from you!  


Hi! Do you know the words “shmoose” and/or


Well, in this case they’re both introducing

A gal who writes rhymes

And spends most of her times

When she isn’t just shmoosing—producing!


(and other themes)

The old Brits were as good with their syllables

As we Yankees are now with our billables

But as any can see

When it comes down to me

I am best when I’m feasting on fillables.  


Look around that restaurant
EVERYONE’s an immigrant!
Diners, servers, busboys, cooks
Once all garnered dirty looks!
If not themselves, their folks for sure
From people who thought themselves “pure”!
I dare you—‘cause I’m sure you can’t
Find one soul NOT an immigrant!***

*** Except, of course, the Native American


Big news! I have managed to pick up

A cure for the much-dreaded hiccup:

You’ll need a friend near you

To talk—when you hear, you

Will find no more hiccup will kick up!

It depends on the art of surprise

So let’s keep it between us, you guys—-

Ask a question or two

That comes out of the blue——-

Like, “Do you put ketchup on fries?”

Better yet: “What’s your uncle’s last name”?

(Or….your aunt’s, or….your grandma’s—this game

Sends a bolt from the blue

That so much startles you

That your hiccups go back whence they came!