Bindy's Verses

I don't curse the world. I VERSE the world.

I don't curse the world. I VERSE the world.

I don't curse the world. I VERSE the world.I don't curse the world. I VERSE the world.I don't curse the world. I VERSE the world.



I’m Bindy, introducing my verses

Henceforth this new website disburses

Many limericks (five lines)

And “pomes”—oh yes, I’ve lines

I hope they rate smiles and not curses!

I don’t write real poems ‘cause they’re serious

There’s something about them mysterious

But FIVE lines of rhythm

And rhyme to go with’em

Can send me in raptures delirious!


(And sometimes I write 4 line pomes, too!)

Please do let me know what you think!

Regardless, my printer will ink

A few any old day

Unless most of you say

“Oh gosh, does this Bindy gal stink!”

In retirement—having a ball!

5 a.m. seems to be when I fall

Out of bed to start rhymes

(It’s the best of all times!)

And so what can I do with them all?


Hence this website debuts—and ta-daa!

(There are lots of rhymes here, ha ha ha!)

My contact info’s below

(Well, it’s somewhere, I know!)

Have I made an enormous faux pas?


Limericks (and verse in general) are not really translate-able into other languages, for obvious reasons. However, 20 of my limericks—some of which have already been printed here—just helped teach English to Polish middle graders! An Illinois church group which goes to Poland for two weeks every year for this very purpose, used my limericks this year for the first time, and they were a huge success! The group had given me a long list of words, numbers, parts of speech, etc., to incorporate into my verses, and I was able to do it to their satisfaction. A Shutterfly book with great photographs of the kids, and the kids’ language camp, is now available. It contains not only my limericks, but photos of the kids and examples of the limericks they wrote as a result of what they’d learned! Oh, and there are wonderful photos of the Polish landscape, which is gorgeous!  See the whole book here,  

The book is available for viewing and purchasing on Shutterfly now.

After you click the link, click on the image of the book cover and you will be able to see the entire book. Go to full screen and the pages will be large enough for you to read.