Bindy's Verses

I don't curse the world.
I VERSE the world.


I’m Bindy, introducing my verses

Henceforth this new website disburses

Many limericks (five lines)

And “pomes”—oh yes, I’ve lines

I hope they rate smiles and not curses!

I don’t write real poems ‘cause they’re serious

There’s something about them mysterious

But FIVE lines of rhythm

And rhyme to go with’em

Can send me in raptures delirious!


(And sometimes I write 4 line pomes, too!)


Please do let me know what you think!

Regardless, my printer will ink

A few any old day

Unless most of you say

“Oh gosh, does this Bindy gal stink!”

In retirement—having a ball!

5 a.m. seems to be when I fall

Out of bed to start rhymes

(It’s the best of all times!)

And so what can I do with them all?

Hence this website debuts—and ta-daa!

(There are lots of rhymes here, ha ha ha!)

My contact info’s below

(Well, it’s somewhere, I know!)

Have I made an enormous faux pas?